Old Yeadon Map 1934 – Special Edition


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This Old Yeadon Map 1934 covers the equivalent area shown in the modern day Yeadon map below


Modern Day Yeadon Map
Modern Day Yeadon Map


This Special Edition map is a composite produced from 4 separate maps of the 187 and 202 Yorkshire County series maps from 1934. They have carefully been blended together and re-positioned so that Yeadon is now shown in its full glory on just one map. These works have been lovingly created by hard work and with a little Photoshop magic!!

The image shown here is a low resolution copy with a watermark. The purchase  edition is a high resolution, crystal clear image and of course carries no watermark! The samples below give a true indication of the quality and resolution of this work.

This map is a must for all lovers of Yeadon!

This 1934 map includes the following areas of interest amongst others:

●Yeadon Tarn
●Nunroyd Mills
●New Scarborough
●Mountain Mills
●Green Lane Dye Works
●Yeadon Town Hall
●Yeadon Cemetery
●Yeadon Railway Street
●Yeadon High Street


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